Our promise

Seniors are often the victim of online romance fraud

We’re on a mission to build a financial platform for retirement so that older adults can spend less time worrying about financial security and more time enjoying their golden years.

At Sagewell, we align our incentives to those of seniors to ensure our company is always benefiting our customers.

Unlike legacy financial service providers who spend on bank branches in big cities, Sagewell is using technology to make the cost of operating cheaper so that we can provide retirement-focused features and savings. These include a build-your-own retirement paycheck, free checking, and a personal relationship with a Sagewell Retirement Success Advocate to guide you through the most important financial decisions for retirement. From determining how much money you need each paycheck to purchasing the right insurance, we’re focused on making older adults feel confident about their money.

Your trust is our most valuable asset and helping you achieve your goals is our number 1 priority. Sagewell will never sell your data to third parties without your permission, never charge for the Sagewell Basic Checking Account, and your Sagewell Retirement Success Advocate will never benefit from getting you to spend more.