How Sagewell Is Helping Seniors Fight Medicare Hikes & Inflation

by: Sam Zimmerman | in Corporate, Economy, Medicare

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Hi, I’m Sam Zimmerman, CEO of Sagewell Financial. I’m glad to be building a new banking solution for seniors because right now we are seeing both Wall Street and Washington working against senior financial wellness. Medicare premiums are going up an average of 15% while inflation is at a 30 year high of 6.2%.

Put more simply, healthcare costs more, while your (often fixed) income buys less. Every day at Sagewell we go to work to fight back against these trends, and help millions of seniors gain financial wellness. Check out the rest of this article or the interview I did below to see how.

Interview with CEO Sam Zimmerman about senior financial empowerment.

But really the story started in my own family. When my mom retired as a teacher in Pennsylvania, I saw there was no meaningful support for retirees in our financial systems as she entered this new phase in her life. 

She is a smart and capable woman, but there was a glaring lack of structure and guidance as she had to face all of these new challenges facing seniors – different income streams, managing Medicare, and even legal issues that reared their heads.

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The more I thought about my mom’s situation, the more I wanted to help not just her, but the millions of retirement age Americans’ financial challenges. And so with my partner Jeff we started the bank that our mom and dad’s deserve.

That’s why we built Sagewell – it is essentially payroll, benefits and real human guidance for retirement. Sagewell is first of its kind – offering a variety of banking features and services built from the ground up for retirees, including enabling retirees to get their Social Security and other retirement income sources paid earlier in the month via Sagewell’s MyPaycheck.

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My advocate was able to help find $243 extra per week in hidden savings in income – it makes a huge difference!
– Janalee Aug 30th, 2021

Our marquee offering, the Sagewell MyPaycheck makes a simple, bimonthly paycheck that connects the dots across all sources of income – social security, pensions, annuities, 401ks. It helps get you that money faster and consolidated into one single, easy to understand payment – that gets you paid early and includes the benefits you’re entitled to. This was a game changer for my mom and I hope it will be for you, too.

Right now we are offering a $250 sign up bonus for anyone who signs up for a Sagewell checking account and enrolls in the MyPaycheck program.

We’re bringing unprecedented resources to bear on senior-specific concerns. We have NASA and MIT scientists hunting down (often missed) benefits and opportunities that aren’t easily found. We’ve also made it a focus to provide real, human support – personal care helps you get the right plan, benefits and entitlements in place to stabilize and improve your financial future in retirement.

Retirement in the United States is complicated and only getting more complex by the day. Let us help you make the most out of your retirement – get in touch with a representative today!

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