Sagewell’s Inflation Tips

Inflation rates are rising and we’re laser focused on ensuring your money is working for you. We want your hard-earned savings to be spent on the things that matter. 

Here are some of our recommendations

  • Claim money that you’ve accidentally left behind
    • Bank accounts, insurance policies, and governmental entities send relevant unclaimed money to the state treasury for citizens to claim. 
    • Use the national database or Google search your state + “unclaimed property refund” to find your state’s local database
    • We have had members receive up to $800!
  • Make your extra money work for you
    • We offer 4.65% APY (14x the national average) on our checking account. Add money to your Sagewell account so you can take advantage of this industry leading rate.
    • Take advantage of dollar cost averaging in this bear market and regularly invest your money if possible.
      • We offers flat fee IRAs to help our members with this. 
  • Cut your bills… or better yet, let Sagewell do it for you!
    • Explore our savings hub and upload your utility, Internet, or medical bills so we can see if you can negotiate and save you money.
  • Create a budget
    • The word “budget” can be alienating or stressful but we aim to make it as painless as possible. Work with your Retirement Advocate to set a budget together so you can spend less time stressing and more time on hobbies and with loved ones.