We founded Sagewell because we want our parents and the 57,999,996 other Americans like them to feel confident about their financial futures. Confident they are saving as much money as possible. Confident they are getting everything they have earned as seniors. Confident they are safe and protected from scammers who take advantage of folks their age. Confident they are going to be able to pass as much as possible to the next generation.

Personally, Jeff and I are frugal deal seekers. We work hard to maximize credit card points. We keep a close eye on mortgage rates, and hunt out the best deals. 

Professionally, we are nerds on a mission. We have built new products for some of the world’s biggest banks and insurance companies and spent our careers building and implementing technologies for nations, states, and even NASA! We want to use our experience in finance and technology to create financial products that are powered by technology but delivered by humans.

Sagewell is a reflection of the financial circumstances we have observed firsthand with our parents and during the hundreds of hours we’ve spent interviewing seniors. The same story emerged time and time again. Folks have bills that could be reduced, government savings opportunities that have gone unapplied, spam at best and scam at worst phone calls, and email offers filling inboxes. The tools being built in Silicon Valley to help are not being built for seniors. On top of all of this, the banks they have counted on are closing local branches and introducing fees, ending decades-long personal financial relationships seniors really count on.

Sagewell is banking for seniors. We are going to combat all of the scary trends above.

Banking with no monthly fees, free checks. Banking that is rooted in personal relationships. Banking that helps connect people to all the money and savings they are entitled to as seniors. Banking that helps people reduce their insurance bills, and protects people from calls and emails when they are looking for the best price. Banking built by the best engineers in technology to be safe and secure. Banking that is simple and easy to use, with personalized support every step of the way.

Banking built for you.

Sagewell core values

Active senior grandmother dancing with little granddaughter at home

Practice empathy & compassion 

  • Why it matters:
      • We recognize that the area we are serving is fraught with complex, existential, and philosophical problems. We approach our work with humility and the acknowledgment that there’s a lot we don’t know. 
  • How we live up to this value as a team:
    • We take the time to understand. We are inspired by the resilience of seniors and ensure that they have a seat at the table and that their needs are understood. Our assistance is reciprocal as we improve our respective “self” when we engage with our customers. 

Celebrate diversity

  • Why it matters:
      • Everybody has their own unique story, their unique perspectives, and unique knowledge, we embrace it and see uniqueness as our fuel. 
  • How we live up to this value as a team:
    • We practice patience and perseverance with the will to assist regardless of where someone comes from, what their financial situation is, or where their fears reside. We approach interactions with our customers and our employees with a desire to be understanding, judgment-free, and with optimism surrounding the possibilities we can create together. 

Active senior grandmother making heart shape with little granddaughter at home

Be accessible

  • Why it matters:
      • We all have unique needs; whether we interact within the physical world or with technology. 
  • How we live up to this value as a team:
    • We meet our users and employees where they are.  We build products, relationships, and teams with an “Open for business, built for all” sign. We intend to offer equitable access to anyone who believes they can find value through engaging with us. We’ll meet you wherever you need to be met.

Drive change 

  • Why it matters:
    • Change is inevitable and oftentimes induces uncertainty.  
  • How we live up to this value as a team:
    • We embrace intended and unforeseen changes in our lives as opportunities to improve. We strive to introduce flexibility into our processes and mitigate the risks of the unknowns as we venture into newness, together.  At its core, we are asking our customers to make a change, let’s be beacons of change as we work towards moving an unchanged industry, together.